Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

FAQs to Caricature Artists

FAQs to Caricature Artists

Have you seen street artists create funny cartoon pictures of people? Or notice how sometimes newspapers carry cartoons of famous people highlighting famous events? These cartoons always exaggerate one tiny detail in the person's face or personality to create a striking portrait. They are called caricatures. It is a commonly used literary device that has a long history of being used to create a humorous effect or make a political satire. In fact, the famous Boston Caricature called “The Bostonians in Distress” was published in 1774 after the British closed Boston’s port as retribution for the Boston Tea Party. Today, caricatures are one of the most popular forms of art used as entertainment and means of expression. Caricaturists are a blast to have in any event, and people go crazy to get themselves drawn. Read further to get some of the most frequently asked questions about caricatures answered.

How Many Caricatures Can an Artist Draw in an Hour?

Speed is of the essence for any caricaturist. Caricature artists are generally comfortable with drawing 15-20 faces per hour. This number fluctuates depending on a lot of factors. If caricatures are to be drawn of each individual person, the number goes down a little. As couples and groups, the number can go up to 25 drawings an hour. All of this is in black and white, of course. If color is requested, then it will take longer. Another important factor that affects the time taken for each drawing is how soon the person sits down to get him drawn.

What Events can a Caricaturist be Hired For?

Caricaturists are a great fit for any types of events – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvah, school events, non-profit events, etc. Boston Caricatures are great to have in any event you are planning in the Boston area. You just have to contact them, and they will be there. Caricatures for all!

What Supplies are Required for Making Caricatures?

Caricaturists usually bring their own supplies to the event. The majority use black markers or thick papers. Color takes twice as long, so most artists bring supplies only to make black and white caricatures unless the color is specifically requested while booking.

How do the Guests Carry Their Caricatures With Them?

Most artists provide protective plastic sleeves to carry each finished drawing in. This allows the guests to show off their drawings without having to worry about destroying them. Others provide tubes where you can roll the paper and insert it. These caricatures can later be framed and put up on your walls for years to come.

What Requirements do Caricaturists Have at an Event?

The general requirement for any artist is space at your event and chairs since artists usually carry their drawing table or easel along with them. The general rule of thumb to follow is 3 chairs per artist. Artists also carry signs that help communicate with your guests and are more than skilled to maintain lines at the event.

We, the best caricature artists in Boston, MA, would be happy to make your weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other celebrations more entertaining and memorable.