Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Caricature Drawings

Our Caricature Artists sketch to capture the most memorable moments

Caricature Artists For Events

Wowzers specializes in providing professional caricature drawings for both small and large parties and events. Furthermore, we're known nationwide as being the very best in the entertainment industry. Our artists make appearances at birthday parties, quinceañeras, company picnics, school events, proms/after-proms, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, and much more.
With the ability to complete 10-12 faces an hour, our artists will ensure the highest quality artwork. Allowing for your artistic memories to be preserved for years to come in our plastic sleeves, the memory of your party will last forever.
Includes travel within 10 miles of downtown, materials, protective plastic sleeves, and as many drawings as can be fit into each hour!
Multiple artists available and perfect for all ages.

Whether your upcoming guest list is 15 people or 1500, we're ready and able to help! Caricature drawings are unequally created and are meant to remain a long-lasting remembrance of your special occasion. Our professional and talented caricature artists range from $175-250/hr depending on your nearest big city – including travel (within 10 miles), setup, all materials, and as many drawings as can be fit into each hour. Caricature artists come prepared with all materials and protective plastic sleeve bags. Caricature artists are capable of producing 10-12 faces per hour depending on the artist, the crowd, and the complexity of the drawings. Impress your guests with the best and book a professional caricature artist for your party or event today!

Company Picnics
Corporate events
Family Gatherings
Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
Retirement Parties
Team Meetings
Nonprofit Events
Holiday Parties
and much more

Caricatures from REAL PARTIES

See our professional caricature artists at parties big and small, doing what they do best

1-Minute VIDEO: About Wowzers Caricatures

  • Liability insured

  • Background checked

  • 25 years of planning experience

  • Triple-reminder system

  • Professional artists only

  • World-class support

Also Offering Studio Caricatures - "From Photos"

If you are looking for one or more “studio caricatures” done from photos (and don’t need a “live” artist for a party or event), then check out our CARICATURES FROM PHOTOS PAGE.
Our lead artist and our team of long-time studio caricature artists will take your photos and turn them into one-of-a-kind personalized caricature illustrations. Great for birthday gifts, recognition awards, greeting cards, business cards, social media, and the like! Take advantage of our simple pricing and quick turnaround today.

Turn your photos into:

Frequently Asked Questions About Caricatures

  • How many caricatures can an artist do each hour?

    Our caricature artists can draw 10-12 faces per hour. If each person they are drawing requests to have their own individual caricature, they take slightly longer. If the people they are drawing are requesting to be drawn as couples, or in small groups, this process can go a little faster (up to 12 faces per hour). Our artists are always happy to draw individual caricatures, couples, or groups – whatever folks request! Also the time it takes for the next person or people to sit down can end up affecting how many faces our artists can fit into each hour.

  • What drawing materials are used for caricatures? What size paper do they draw on? Black and white or color?

    The majority of our artists use thick black markers on heavier paper. Paper sizes vary by artist, the most common being 9×12″ paper, 11×14″ paper, and 11×17″ paper. All artists come prepared for black-and-white caricature drawings unless otherwise requested. Color is cooler of course, but it takes twice as long! So black and white is standard, and they look fabulous either way. If color caricatures are requested (they must be requested upon booking), then artists can only cover half as many faces per hour as listed above.

  • How do people get their caricatures home safely?

    All artists bring clear protective plastic sleeves to place each finished drawing in. This allows folks to show off their drawings afterward around the party or event – and keeps them clean until they make it home safely. Caricatures are often put in a mat or frame and displayed on a wall for years of decoration and smiles, so your party or event is remembered for years to come!

  • How cartoony are caricatures? Also what are some other common uses for caricature drawings?

    Different artists on our professional team have different styles – no two artist’s work is alike! Some styles are more cartoony while other styles are more realistic. But rest assured that no matter which artist or artists serve at your event — they are the best of the best, and they always get rave reviews! Also, our clients use their caricatures for many different fun applications: the most common are for business cards and website profiles, for Christmas and holiday card images, or for unique and lasting gifts to give year-round.

$5 from every event booked to the charity of your choice

Each time you make a reservation, YOU CHOOSE which of our 5 favorite charities you'd like your donation to go to


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Serving any event - from large festivals & corporate events to smaller house-parties and get-togethers

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What Our Clients Say

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking.

face painter


Multiple artists for a neighborhood event

"A punctual, friendly, and talented group of artists! Thank you WOWZERS"

kid with his caricature


Caricature drawings for a neighborhood event

"All the artists showed up on time and did such a wonderful job. Our guests absolutely loved every picture that was drawn for them. Thank you all and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

A girl face painted


Multiple artists for a holiday party

"Both the face painter and the caricaturist were AMAZING!!! They were huge hits at our holiday party!"

Kid with her balloons


Balloon twisting for a local event

"Great artist and kept up with the waiting line. Thank you!"