Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Caricatures From Photos OrdersWHAT TO EXPECT

Congratulations on taking your first step on this journey!

Your 100% unique and hand-drawn caricature piece is right around the corner...

1. PAY your 50% deposit

Follow the link we sent in our confirmation email to make your payment securely online. If you need to pay by check (organizations only), email your Fun Specialist back and let them know.

2. Upload your photos

Upload 2-3 photos for EACH FACE in your caricature. We need multiple angles and smiles to work from! The better the photos, the better the chance we have of "capturing" a true caricature likeness of your subjects. Use the link we included in your confirmation email to access your private folder *

3. Await your head sketches

Give us 3-4 days to email or text you with the sketches for your approval. We'll select the professional caricature artist on our team that we feel is the best fit for the style and type of scene you requested. They'll start by drawing only the faces first. 


Here's what happens after that. Don't worry, your Fun Specialist will guide you along the way ;)

4. Approve the head sketches

If you love them, give us the thumbs up to keep going! If you want something changed or tweaked, or one of the faces redrawn, NO PROBLEM. We'll take your feedback and update the head sketches. One re-draw at this step is provided at no charge (if necessary).

5. Your artist will do the full draft of the whole scene

Your artist is working hard in their studio to get your caricature just right. Keep in mind that every artists "style" is different, so keep your mind flexible and open to what they draw up. We will send the final draft to you (in the google drive folder) 2-3 days after you approve the head sketches. It will include a watermark on top of the picture, pending your final 50% payment.

6. Review your final draft

At this step, we are getting very close to finish! If there are any SMALL things you'd like to see changed in the final draft, we can tweak them for you before finalizing your caricature artwork. Give us specific instructions on what to tweak (one set of SMALL revisions at this step is provided at no extra charge), and your artist will update the final draft per your instructions within 1-2 days.

7. Approve final draft, make final 50% payment, & receive your delivery!

We'll send you one more link to make your 50% balance payment. When that is received, we'll provide the finished artwork via email file attachments asap. 
Use the files for print or digital. For prints, we recommend Fedex Office - they print glossy cardstock full-color prints for $2-3 each. And they look FABULOUS! Of course you can make bigger prints or smaller ones... use the finished caricature online, or print it on t-shirts, business cards, greeting cards, etc etc etc... the finished product is yours for 100% unlimited use in any format.

8. Tell your friends & leave us a review ☺️

We live and die by referrals. Refer a friend to us so they can order a caricature from us also! Share it on your social media as well.
We'll ask you to leave us a review also. Positive reviews help us keep doing what we love to do. We always aim for 100% satisfaction!