Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995

Celebrating over 28 years of party entertainment! ...Since 1995


DO YOU OFFER PARTY ARTISTS TO YOUR CLIENTS? (Face painters, balloon twisters, caricature artists, etc?)
Your clients ask if you offer them all the time...
Give the people what they want!

Wowzers™ is seeking established event rental company partners in every major city we serve, nationwide.

We serve the same clients. We provide the party artists. You provide the event rentals... Let's create a win-win!

Increase revenues
Gain customer loyalty
More client satisfaction
Expand your reach
Offer party artists

Wowzers™ Boasts 27+ Years In The Business

When it comes to professional party artists for events, we are the experts

Double & Triple Checks

Our artists will always show up and show out, WOWing your clients

Fully Insured Long-Time Professionals Only

Our well-developed local networks of long-time professional party artists are fully insured & ready to roll

Inflatable Rentals Companies...How often do your clients ask you for:


Face Painters?


Balloon Twisters?


Caricature Artists?

Can you provide them to your clients?
If not, don't worry... we do and we can.
Become a RESALE partner or a REFERRAL partner and give your clients what they want!

Why Partner With Wowzers™?

The Big-3 Services Only

And that's a good thing because we focus on what we know and only what we know. We're the experts in face painters, balloon twisters, and caricature artists.

Donating To Charity With Every Artist

$5 for every artist booked goes to helping make the world a better place for children. Our Vision: Bring the Joy. And partnering with us helps make that happen.

Double & Triple Checks

Our system of double and triple checks assures that every artist will show up to every event ready to rock and roll. That means no worries with Wowzers™.

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Long-Time, Background-Checked, Pro Artists Only

Our well-developed local teams of professional party artists are the best in the business. And we vet each and every one. #SafetyFirst

Full Liability Insurance Coverage

Wowzers™ general liability insurance is specialty and covers every artist at every event. Additionally insured certificates are easy and available for any & every event.

The BEST Office Team

The Wowzers™ team of Fun Specialists are REALLY good at what they do. They care, and take their work very seriously. And love every minute of it. 

Two amazing approaches to partnering

Become a Wowzers™ RESALE partner or a Wowzers™ REFERRAL partner today



Add our Big-3 services to your site and make more $ overnight.
RESALE partners simply offer our Big 3 services on their own websites, directly to their own clients.  
While your client is reserving inflatables & other rentals, let them add face painters, balloon twisters, and/or caricature artists to their reservation. We provide your artists.
You become the one-stop-shop for your busy party planning customer, and increase your revenues big time!



Refer your clients to us for their party artists. We'll pay you for every reservation.
Don't want to offer party artists directly to your clients?
Our referral partnership system is the next best thing! We'll give you a unique discount code that your clients can use anytime on our website when reserving their party artists.
We'll give your clients our best discount, AND pay you 10% on every successful reservation referred.

Let's talk! Email your Wowzers™ partnership representative today for more details.

Meet Our Fun Specialist Team. The Magic-Makers

Faces behind the FUN


Ana Velazco

Wowzers™ Lead Fun SpecialistSpanish/English

Ana was born and raised in Cuba - her gorgeous island where she grew up surrounded by music and joy. Mother of 2 lovely children, she believes that happiness is what the whole world truly needs and encourages everyone to live for more delightful moments. As a bilingual tourist guide for many years on her native island, she now excels in serving others through joy, and leading them to the fun. 


Veronica Solis

Wowzers™ Artist Relations Manager 

Veronica began her journey with Wowzers™ as a professional 10-year face painter. Now also versed in balloon animals and caricature drawings, her love for working with children shines through each appearance. Veronica believes in the magic of her craft. As a long-time professional party artist herself, she now serves every artist on our nationwide team to ensure they are all they can be.


Harish Rajendran

Wowzers™ Special Projects Manager

Born and raised in India, Harish loves cycling and trekking. He supports all kinds of exciting causes like animal welfare, children, environment, science and technology. Loving to spread joy and positivity, he encourages everyone to learn how to defeat the challenges they come across. Serving every client with care and concern, he believes joy is contagious and learning is inevitable.


Diana Knaub

Wowzers™ Head of Operations

Diana has been married for 10+ years, has 3 amazing daughters and a joyful Golden Retriever. In her free time she loves hanging with family and friends, being outdoors, taking in sports and gardening. As the Wowzers™ Lead Fun Specialist since 2015, she knows artists and she knows events. Taking great pride in both hard work and taking care of both clients and artists, your event is in the best of hands.


Sean Hyatt

Lead Artist, Wowzers™ & Artsy Events 

In 1995 at age 15, Sean performed custom caricature artwork at a local theme park. From there he took his fun caricature drawings to local events all over and then picked up the skills of face painting and balloon twisting along the way. Over the years his fun team expanded more and more through countless successful appearances at events in major cities nationwide. Wowzers™! A truly compelling journey.


RJ Bindi

Founder, RJ’s Amazing Entertainment

RJ is a professional, full-time variety entertainer who has been bringing her creative light and passion for entertainment to countless parties and events since 2010. She loves connecting with both children and adults. Rina Jean’s approach with people and her ability to bring positive energy with her everywhere is what truly draws in the audiences she captivates.


Velvet Coleman

Co-Founder, Giggle Loopsy & Best Santas

Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado Velvet Coleman, a wife of three wonderful children is also the co-owner of Giggle Loopsy and Best Santas. As a little girl, her passion was always children and art and as a result, she started painting at an early stage in her life. She also worked in daycare for over 15 years and served as a foster mom to many children. By combining her two passions into what she is today, she has shaped herself into a child-loving artist. 


Jim Coleman

Co-Founder, Giggle Loopsy & Best Santas

A crimes against children detective in the past, Jim Coleman is the co-founder of Giggle Loopsy and Best Santas along with his wife Velvet. They believed that instead of experiencing pain and sorrow with children, they'd rather bring joy and laughter to them - so they formed Giggle Loopsy and Best Santas, and then joined forces with Wowzers. Though he might not wear the pink wig and tutu, he will dawn a big red suit, white beard and hat from time to time.